The AAA Executive Committee is committed to serve the ACO community

Who are we?

The AAA Executive Committee (AAA ExCo) is appointed based on demonstrated involvement, support and commitment to the ACO Programs and its development. In accepting a two-year appointment, an individual agrees to fulfill the requirements and meet the responsibilities associated with board membership.

The structure and roles of the ExCo may vary according to the expanding scale of association, yet the traditional structure includes the Chairman/Chairlady, the Vice-Chairman/Vice-Chairlady, Secretary and Treasurer.

Our current ExCo serves the community from 2019 to 2021.

Past committee >> 2017-19

Stanley ChenG is a LLB student at the University of Hong Kong. Having his horizons broadened because of the activities offered by ARCH, he felt the need to give his effort back and contribute so that past Careers Program alumni can have a better connection. Therefore, in the coming few years, he will exert his efforts and help organise activities which can bring our alumni together. This also explains the aim of setting up AAA!

Committee Profile

Shannon Chau is a Law student at the London School of Economics and Political Science. After participating in the ACO Careers Program, Shannon felt the urge to contribute and pass on the spirit of mutual help. Dedicated to maintain a close connection among alumni, she sincerely believes that AAA would be a perfect platform for exchange of ideas. As the Vice-Chairlady, she will be hosting events and maintaining our AAA webpage.


Jessie LI is a student under the BSocSc (GL) & LLB programme of the University of Hong Kong. Participated in the ACO Career Program in 2017, she gained inspirational enlightenment from the multifarious opportunities from ACO, for instance the overseas university support that determine her career choice. She would like to devote herself in AAA committee board as the Secretary to continue facilitate the organisation of supporting activities for our alumni in the foreseeable future.


Daisy Wan is a student of the Physical Education, Exercise Science and Health programme of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. As an alumnus of the 2018 cohort, and the Treasurer, she is dedicated to promote ACO, where she benefited so much from. She devotes much time in assisting other committees of the AAA to organise events and fostering the bonding among alumni and prospective students. As a person who loves communicating with young people, Daisy is willing to be students' mentors and help them figure out their careers paths.


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