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The AAA Executive Committee is committed to serve the ACO community

Committee Profile (2017-19)
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Parmeet-KauR is a LLB student at the University of Hong Kong. As an alumnus of the 2015 cohort, and the chairperson, she is dedicated to giving back to the ACO community that she gained so much from. She believes firmly in ACO’s mission to play a role in helping high school seniors with their future career paths and providing them with valuable advice and experiences. Being a part of the executive committee, she, along with her team,  organise career and networking events, as well as social gatherings for ACO”s growing alumni community.

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Angel Leung is a LLB student at the University of Hong Kong. She is an alumnus of ACO Careers Program (2015 cohort). As a Vice Chairperson, Angel devotes much time in fostering the bonding among alumni, AAA’s partners, mentors and prospective students.  She is dedicated to contribute her time in AAA as she benefited much from ACO Careers Program in figuring out her career path and therefore, wishes to make a continued impact to the alumni and contribute back to ACO.


Herman Wan is a student under the BA & LLB programme of the University of Hong Kong. He joined the ACO Careers Programme (2013 cohort). As the Secretary, Herman manages the documentary matters of AAA, while assisting in different events as a member of the executive committee. To him, the ACO Programme was an eye-opening experience which shaped his years to come. Gratitude and a wish to promote the programme bring him to AAA.


Maggie Kwan is a Business student at HKUST. Having just one year left before her graduation, she knows the importance of paving the career path early since opportunity only knocks once. ACO is precisely the programme that enlightens her.She firmly believes what she learnt and experienced in ACO (2014 cohort) benefits her. Therefore, she is willing to reciprocate, requite AAA in terms of hosting corporate events for ACO alumni, or being ACO students' mentors.

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