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Any support is welcome. 

We hope to recruit volunteers and industry professionals to participate and jointly deliver the ACO’s initiatives!


What Roles Can You Play?

Youth Mentor
  • Provide students with academic and careers guidance

  • Expected commitment: 1-2 students per mentor over a 1 year period. Meetings with mentee on a regular basis.

Industry Partner
  • Provide internship / job shadowing opportunities (1-2 weeks) for students at your firm; and/or

  • Provide workshops/seminars for students at your firm (half or full day)

  • Become one of the judges for our Hong Kong Inter-School Mock Trial Championship and/or the Young Laureate Award

Guest Speaker
  • Participate in pre-internship training as guest speaker to provide an overview of your industry, recruitment insights and/or share personal success stories

  • Participate as one of the medical keynote speakers at our one day conference in the summer

  • Take part in ACO planning and operations

  • Click here to register as a volunteer. 

  • Please download donation form here and fax to 3568 0406 or send it back to o ARCH Community Outreach Unit 202-205, 2/F, Wilson House, 19-27 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

    • Bank Transfer to ARCH Community Outreach Limited         

      • HSBC Account No. 048-895163-838 and send original bank receipt

    • Cheque made payable to "ARCH Community Outreach Limited"

    • Cash we only accept cash donation at our center

Donations are tax-deductible with official receipts. To save administrative cost, an official receipt will be issued for donations of HK$100 or above. Thank you for your support!

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