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Raise aspiration in Medicine amongst Hong Kong local students.

  • GAMC is a one day conference that aims to expose Hong Kong to the extensive scope of healthcare industry through the delivery of  keynote speeches, the experiences of practicing medics as well as skill-based workshops.

  • The conference features world academics and professors to share with students their experience in initiating and leading cutting edge and interdisciplinary research projects across a wide array of medical sciences.

  • Various workshops provide students with an intellectually stimulating and interactive platform to gain insights into the practical aspects of the medical industry, including select strands of medical care such as Radiology and Dentistry etc.

  • There will also be a workshop on medical school admissions requirements, with a particular emphasis on interview mentality.

Target Student
  • Students who are Form 4 or above are eligible to participate in the conference. 

  • Students must be residing and currently studying in Hong Kong.

Apply Now

Student interested in the conference, please purchase your tickets here and visit our website for more infomration here

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