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The AAA Executive Committee is committed to serve the ACO community

Who are we?

The AAA Executive Committee (AAA ExCo) is appointed based on demonstrated involvement, support and commitment to the ACO Programs and its development. In accepting an one-year appointment, an individual agrees to fulfill the requirements and meet the responsibilities associated with board membership.

The structure and roles of the ExCo may vary according to the expanding scale of association, yet the traditional structure includes the Chairlady, the Vice-Chairlady, Executive Committee.

Our current ExCo serves the community from 2023 to 2025.

Committee Profile
Past committee >> 2021-22    2019-21    2017-19

Miffy Mok studies Mathematics and Mathematics Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. As an alumnus of the ACO Careers Program 2020, she has profoundly benefited from all the opportunities provided, and also touched by the power of the connections between alumni. Miffy feels honourable to devote herself as the Chairlady to organise activities and bond the young students with our supportive alumni to contribute back.


Yoyo Tang is a student of the BsocSc (GL) & LLB program at the University of Hong Kong. Yoyo says participating in ACO Careers Program 2019 helped define her long-term life and career goals. ACO’s support has motivated her to continually give back to the organisation and take on the role to inspire students on exploring career options. She is looking forward to seeing a transformational experience on students’ personal development and traits in the Careers Program.


Grace Fong studies Economics and Finance at the University of Hong Kong. She is an alumnus of ACO Careers Program 2019. Grace is dedicated to forging a strong community of alumni, AAA partners, mentors and prospective students. A proud member of the executive committee, Grace organises networking events, as well as social gatherings for the ACO family. For Grace, the ACO Programme has been a “life-changing experience” and she hopes to give back to ACO by actively participating in all of its events.

Executive Committee

Ashley Lau, studies Medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, has participated in ACO Careers Program 2021 and is dedicated to the program to create more chances. She has gained valuable experiences in the CV-writing and interview workshops to build up her confidence in upcoming challenges. On top of this, Ashley has always insisted her goal of being a medical student, with the insights she got here, she has made it! Being a member of the AAA Executive Committee, Ashley wishes to provide new insights to students and to organise more AAA activities.

Executive Committee

Janet Lee studies Physiotherapy at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Being an alumnus of the ACO Careers Program 2021, Janet has benefited from a variety of opportunities and experiences provided, which has cemented her aspiration to contribute as much as she has been motivated. Janet is endeavouring to influence students in recognising and holding onto their career goals and directions in workshops and networking events to come.

Executive Committee

Kenny Tsui studies Economics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and participated in ACO Careers Program 2021. He gained valuable insight into various career paths which helped him to discover his career goals. Being grateful about the opportunities received, Kenny decided to dedicate himself to the community of AAA. As a member of the AAA Executive Committee, Kenny wishes to support new students and facilitate the operation of AAA activities.

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