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Your dream university is just around the corner.


Provide tailored admissions counseling guidance to help high-achieving students from under-represented backgrounds, as well as to maximise their potential and chance for success in applying to top UK and US universities. The support is extended by our team of consultants and tutors for free.

What we Offer

1. Standardised Test Preparation

2. UK/ US University Selection

3. Personal Statement/ Essay Guidance

4. Recommendation Guidance

5. Interview Preparation

6. Scholarship Application Support

7. Ongoing Guidance

Target Students

Students who are eligible for this program should currently be in Form 3 or above. They should also be studying in local Hong Kong school. Student is required to provide background information for ACO’s assessment to determine eligibility for free university application support.

Assessment Requirement

Assessments are bsaed on the following:

  1. Application Form

  2. Curriculm Vitae

  3. School Transcripts

  4. 1-hour Candidate meeting

  5. Mock Test (may be required)

  6. School Recommendation Letter (may be required)

Apply Now

Students interested in our support, please download the form here and email us the completed form for assessment. 

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