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The next scholar might be you!

Radley College* is one of the UK’s leading and prestigious independent boarding schools. In recent years, Radley has been offering The Greater China Scholarship (GCS), to a boy from Hong Kong who would otherwise be unable to afford independent education to attend Radley for 5 years of education.  


With a similar mission related to the education landscape for the under-resourced students in Hong Kong, ARCH Community Outreach (ACO) is honoured to be the appointed partner of the GCS. We continue to work closely with Radley College to identify candidates, provide support for their preparation for assessment and oversee a testing and interview process before the Warden visits Hong Kong to interview the final round candidates.

"Working with Arch Community Outreach guarantees several things. Professional understanding of the education market, a wholehearted commitment to the aims of a project, a genuine interest in the welfare of the students and thoroughly reliable administration and efficiency throughout. We recommend ACO very highly."

Mr. John Moule, Warden

Radley College

About The GCS 

The GCS is a means-tested award for talented boys from Hong Kong to attend Radley from the age of 13 to 18.

The main objective of Radley's scholarship program is to help transform the lives of the recipients by allowing them to fulfil their dreams through an outstanding and free education otherwise unachievable due to resource constraints. 

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Value of Award

5 years' education at Radley, at up to 100% of fees

Any necessary coaching in Hong Kong prior to entry

Music lessons

UK guardian fees

English lessons if required

4 Economy return flights each year

Scholars Selection

Open to boys from Hong Kong ages 13 and 14

Enter Radley at age 14 or 15 (UK Year 9; Form 3 in Hong Kong)

From significantly less-advantaged backgrounds

Able to speak English well 

Academically very bright, curious and talented in other fields

Have a positive outlook on life and willingness to engage fully in the other pupils

Other key considerations:
    1. Musically strong is an advantage
    2. Ambitious, committed, resilient
    3. Parental Support

Timeline for GCS 2023

Application Deadline: 20th May, 2022

Scholar of GCS 2023

Mr. Adrian Yip, SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School

Adrian Yip_edited.png

Scholar of GCS 2022

Mr. Evan Ho, La Salle College

Evan Ho.jpg

Scholar of GCS 2021

Mr. Kelvin Lam, SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School

Story 2
Story 1
Story 3

Scholar of GCS 2019 

Mr. Kim Chin, Ho Fung College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)

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*Radley College

Founded in 1847, Radley College is an independent boys’ boarding school in Oxfordshire in England, one of the United Kingdom’s leading boy’s schools. In October 2016, Radley College launched its Vision to be a place of real diversity, seeking out and attracting boys who possess the qualities to make the most of themselves and help transform the lives of those around them. 

Radley College aims to enable, guide and inspire boys to become outstanding young men. When he leaves, he will be ready for the world beyond school, able to engage, lead and shape his own future.

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