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Studying abroad is no longer a pipe dream!

Consistent with the vision of 'broadening Hong Kong youth’s exposure to international education experiences', ARCH Community Outreach (ACO) has helped under-resourced students in Hong Kong receive scholarships to further their studies at overseas boarding schools and universities.

We’re grateful for the tremendous support of ARCH Education, whose professional admission consultants provide comprehensive admissions guidance to our students who strive to attend top boarding schools and universities.  
Scholarship Recipient
Sapphire Wong
WhatsApp Image 2021-09-30 at 1.23_edited

London School of Economics and Political Science
LLB in Laws (2021 Entry)


STFA Leung Kau Kui College 2021
ACO Alumni 2020



 How did this program support you in achieving your goals?

The tutors boosted my confidence to complete my application to UCAS. 
The clear instructions provided in the personal statement writing sessions equipped me with advanced writing skills. I am really excited that I got into LSE law, and I am sure that I would not have been able to without this program!

Durham University,
Mathematics (2020 Entry) 

Rugby School 2020, 
(Fully funded by 

Lee Hysan Foundation); 
Belilios Public School 2014
ACO Alumni 2020

Becky Ting
White Structure

how havE yOU bEEN


"Applying for university can be very stressful and I was very lucky to have ARCH guiding me. The team spent so much time helping me brainstorm ideas for my personal statement.


They also made the effort to go through every draft with me and perfect it, so that it was the best expression of myself. Their kind reminders ensured that everything was completed on time.


Thank you, ARCH, for helping me."

The University of Cambridge-
Downing College, 
BA Degree of Human, Social &

Political Sciences (2020 Entry); 
Jardine Scholarship Award 2020 


Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School 2020; 
ACO Alumni 2019



Ethan Chan



 "The program was a huge factor in my success applying overseas. As someone from a local school, I would not have had access to any foreign university application support otherwise. The highly professional consulting and tutoring I received through the program was incredibly helpful and really elevated my chances.


I would not have been admitted to my dream university and ideal course without the support of ARCH!"

University of Manchester
Architecture (2019 Entry)

HKSES Scholar 19/20

SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School 2019;
ACO Alumni 2019


Sam Li

how havE yOU bEEN


 "ACO supported me generously in my application process for the UK university admissions process. I can still remember the comprehensive guidance at different stages where I was given clear instructions on what to do. Without ACO’s help, the whole process would have been so much more troublesome and difficult."

The University of Cambridge- 

Churchill College, 

BA(Hons) of Computer Science (2018 Entry);

Prince Philip Scholarship 17/18


PLK Centenary Li Shiu Chung Memorial College 2018;
ACO Alumni 2017

Winson Chiu
Keyboard and Mouse

how havE yOU bEEN


“ACO provides a huge amount of support on preparing you for the aptitude test. The tutors are willing to spend time and guide you through all the questions, helping you to establish a better understanding of related knowledge, thus making sure a successful test.


They also help participants to polish their interview techniques and serve as a guide throughout the application, which is extremely helpful for people unfamiliar with the process.


But to me, the aptitude test aid is already a treasure.

The University of Cambridge- 

Queens' College, 

Land Economy (2018 Entry);

Prince Philip Scholarship 17/18


PLK Centenary Li Shiu Chung Memorial College 2018;
ACO Alumni 2017

Sandy Ng
Skydiving in Nature

how havE yOU bEEN


“Coming from a modest background, I never imagined myself studying at the University of Cambridge. The impossible became possible as I received tremendous help from the ACO program apart from my school.


From writing personal statements to the aptitude test and interview preparation, I was tutored and guided on a 1-1 basis.”

The University of Cambridge-

Selwyn College; 
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine,

2018 Entry


Geelong Grammar School 2018

(Fully funded by 
Lee Hysan Foundation)

Queen Elizabeth School 2012
ACO Alumni 2018


Natalie Lam
Veterinarian with Dog

how havE yOU bEEN



“It would be a great challenge for my family to support my tuition and

living expenses at my target university overseas. With the consultation and test prep sessions of ACO, I was prepared for the application.”

PhD in Economics,

University of California, Davis

(2021 Entry);

Wesleyan University; 

Bachelor of Arts, Class of 2021
Freeman Asian Scholarship 2017;


Sing Yin Secondary School 2017;
ACO Alumni 2017


Jeff Cheung


“My story with ACO is an extraordinary one. I attended their scholarship talk and at the talk, Jennifer Ma and Jennifer Yu offered insights on the admissions to overseas schools and the successful stories of Thomas and Shirley had inspired me a lot."

University of California, Los Angeles, 

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2021 Entry);

Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme for the 2017/18 Academic Year

SKH Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School, 2017;

ACO Alumni, 2015

Galen Wong

How did this program impact your life?

 “ACO helped me tremendously in applying to colleges in the US, defining my interests, and creating connections with so many amazing and inspiring people. Through the Program, I became exposed to different fields and professions, which ultimately helped me set my goal for the future. “

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