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Mentoring Opportunity with Banking Professionals

01 December, 2021

On 1 December, students from ARCH Community Outreach (ACO) participated in a virtual mentoring opportunity supported by Goldman Sachs, Citi, Bloomberg, Macquarie and Junior Achievement Hong Kong. The 2-hour workshop exposed Form 5 & 6 students to the Future World of Work!

After listening to the professionals, students attended a mock interview for an internship and received constructive feedback. Students also seized the opportunity to ask for tips on writing resumes.

Towards the end of the activity, committed mentors offered insightful career advice, especially regarding work attitudes, and encouraged students to communicate openly with their parents and pursue their goals!

Students enjoyed a fulfilling afternoon. “It was a rewarding learning experience. I’ve learnt to believe in myself as everything is possible.” said Jane, ACO participant.

Thank you once again to Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs for this fruitful workshop! We look forward to meeting everyone again at Careers Program 2022.

29 October, 2021

ARCH Community Outreach (ACO)'s sought-after Careers Program supports high-achieving students from under-resourced backgrounds for FREE. Eligible students, who receive a school recommendation and who pass ACO's background assessment, may enjoy a range of enriching summer sessions dedicated to education and career development. Enrolment in the 2022 summer program is now officially OPEN!

Don’t wait! Submit your application now!


Deadline: 20 Jan 2022

Careers Program 2022 is now open for enrollment 

14 September, 2021

2021 Careers Program - Evaluation Day

Evaluation Day on 26 August 2021 was the best way to wrap up Careers Program 2021!

Joined by ACO co-founders Jennifer Ma and Jennifer Yu Cheng, students shared their personal experiences from the program over the past few months – all they have learned and all they hope to achieve with what they learned!

After students presented their important feedback on the program, former ACO students – peer mentors – shared funny and inspirational stories about university life. They offered the ACO students useful tips and words of encouragement, which truly inspired everyone at the event.

“Thank you for holding such an enriching program over the last three months,” said Janet (ACO 2021). “This event was a great finale to the program!’

We wish all ACO students great success and look forward to providing more support in the future!

2 September, 2021

ARCH community outreach is on the Hong Kong Economic Journal

What an honour to be mentioned by Mr. Cheng Hong Yung, Principal of SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School (Lam Woo), in his recent interview with the Hong Kong Economic Journal on 12 August 2021

A veteran ARCH Community Outreach partner school since 2013, Lam Woo shares our vision to broaden Hong Kong youth’s exposure to international education experiences and diverse career networks.

As another new exciting academic year opens, we look forward to helping Hong Kong students realize their full potential through our various ACO Programmes! 

31 August, 2021

2021 Mock Interview Workshop

We partnered with a large global financial institution to host an interview workshop for ACO students on 28 July 2021.

The virtual workshop was led by a senior member of the institution, who warmly welcomed the students. Students and professionals engaged in a Q&A about the diverse positions at the institution and how to approach different career paths in the banking and legal industries.

Students were most excited about the CV coaching and mock interview sessions. “I received a confidence boost and constructive feedback on my CV – this was a truly valuable experience,” said Ashley, ACO participant.

“In the past I was really scared about having to do an interview, but after today’s workshop I feel more relaxed and confident about it,” said Sasa, ACO participant.

We are grateful to the team for affording our students a unique, educational experience!

30 July, 2021

Good Union Corporation Limited Workshop

Our first collaboration with Good Union Corporation Limited marked the perfect end to our Corporate Workshop Week!


Students were excited to hear about medical aesthetics, a field that is spearheading major innovations in medicine.

“After today’s workshop, I definitely no longer think about medicine in a standard way, but as an avenue to engineering innovations” said Ashley Lau, ACO participant.

Enormous thanks to Mr. Cheng, CEO of Good Union Corporation Limited, who shared his own encouraging and inspiring personal journey with the students. 

27 July, 2021

The Equal Opportunities Commission Workshop 2021
“Be open-minded to everyone! Let’s create a pluralistic and inclusive society together!”

Our special Equal Opportunities Commission(EOC) Workshop kicked off with a pop quiz about the importance of embracing cultural diversity!

Evan Hui (ACO’21), said,” I really appreciate what EOC does to help ethnic minorities integrate into Hong Kong life, and the importance of being empathetic and considerate. This workshop is meaningful and interesting!"

We were thrilled to see ARCH Community Outreach (ACO)'s Alumni Ethan Chan (ACO ’19) serving as a member of the EOC "Human Library". By engaging with the Human Library, ACO students were able to delve into EOC missions, activities and events on a personal basis with specific mentors.

Our warm thanks to the EOC for organizing such an important learning event!

26 July, 2021

Allen & Overy Virtual Workshop 2021
Exploring the world of law in a fast-changing economy!

Our heartfelt thanks to Allen & Overy LLP for arranging a unique and fruitful learning opportunity for our students! 

In a lively online discussion, ACO students were afforded exclusive insights into the legal industry especially as it regards current events. Students peppered panellists with questions, enjoying a virtual office tour that broadened their horizons on the day to day operations of a leading law firm. 

ACO participant Alex Shiu said: “I enjoyed hearing from the panel about their experiences and thoughts on the current changing world situation. It really helped me crystalize what I should do and how I should react to important changes in the world.” 

The mentors shared useful tips with students on how to equip themselves with vital skills, motivating students to achieve their full potential!

Thanks again to Allen & Overy LLP for holding an important, inspiring conversation with our students!

27 June, 2021

Students Engage, Analyze, Problem Solve at ACO Critical Thinking Workshop


ACO students are poised to change the world, using critical thinking to explore the “whys” and “hows” behind the “whats”! At a widely attended Critical Thinking Skills Workshop at ARCH Centre on June 17th, ARCH U.S. Admissions Consultants Angel Ayala and Jana Sin offered in-depth critical thinking development to new ACO students.  

Paddie Chan, ACO ’21, said the workshop helped adjust her thinking to “imagine the perspective of different stakeholders.”
Janet Lee, ACO ’21, said, “I really enjoyed the session on brain teasers and discussion of case studies. The workshop was set in a game-like format, which really motivated us all to think creatively while examining multiple perspectives before arriving at any conclusions.”

04 June, 2021

Careers Program 2021 Orientation Day and CV Workshop


ARCH Community Outreach (ACO) held the Careers Program 2021 Orientation Day on 23 May. At the widely attended event, ACO alumni from different schools, backgrounds and areas of study shared personal experiences from their diverse learning journeys.


Shannon Chau (ACO ’18), Vice Chair of ACO Alumni Association and Grace Fong (ACO ’19), kicked off the event by sharing their personal stories with ACO.

Ethan Chan (ACO ’19) and Douglas Yang (ARCH ’20) then presented in detail the process of applying to universities in the U.K./U.S. to new ACO members.

“I now know more about U.K./U.S. universities, and have clearer concept of what I want to study in the future,’’ said Sasa Leung, who attended Orientation. 

At the event, Mr. Angel Ayala and Ms. Jana Sin, ARCH Education U.S. Admissions Consultants, held a CV Workshop aimed at helping students present themselves in the most professional light ahead of applications. 

“I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who organised the workshop,” said Janet Lee, who attended Orientation. “It was extremely constructive and really helped students like me!"

The event also featured a stunning video produced by Dennis Hui (ACO ’20). We were thrilled to see so many alumni volunteering in the ACO spirit! Thanks to everyone, Orientation Day was a major success!

16 April, 2021

Online Info Session on Radley College's Greater China Scholarship 2022 

On 24 March,  ARCH Community Outreach held a comprehensive information session to introduce the Greater China Scholarship (GCS) of Radley College to students, parents and teachers.

Special thanks to our guest speakers, Ms. Elisabeth Anderson, Development Director, Radley College, and Ms. Catherine Chung, UK Boarding School Admissions Consultant, ARCH Education, for joining us and sharing their insights. Ms. Anderson emphasized how important the GCS is to the Radley community and their alumni network in Greater China. 

Mr. Kelvin Lam (GCS Scholar 2021), SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School, encouraged students attending the session to apply, saying: “Be brave and challenge yourself! The time for action is now.

14 April, 2021

Super Day Interview 2021

Careers Program 2021’s kicked off Super Day Interview on 20 March. The event, co-organized by ARCH Community Outreach and the Executive Committee of ACO Alumni Association, was held online for the second year in a row out of safety concerns. Luckily, our tech-savvy students handled their interviews with aplomb!

We were delighted to welcome professionals working in partner organizations as our interviewers this year. Our students learned so much about their own career aspirations and personalities through the interview process! 

The results will be announced by 30 April. Thank you to all involved - interviewers, candidates and coordinators - who made this enriching experience possible!

February 23, 2021

New Partner Schools 2021

ARCH Community Outreach (ACO) is delighted to welcome three new schools to our extended family! They are: 

-    Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School
-    Holy Trinity College
-    Wa Ying College

Carmel, Holy Trinity and Wa Ying join 26 veteran partner schools that are the bedrock of our ACO community. We can’t wait to work together to enrich Hong Kong students’ international education experiences! 

If your institution is interested in joining ACO as a partner school, please contact

February 16, 2021

ACO Students Distribute Masks at Home for Visually Impaired

Thanks to a generous contribution, ARCH Community Outreach (ACO) students last month distributed child-sized masks at the Ebenezer School and Home for the Visually Impaired (the Ebenezer) in Pok Fu Lam.  

ACO student volunteers toured the school with social worker, Ms. Adeline Chan, and met some visually impaired students.

"I really enjoyed learning more about the disabled community in Hong Kong and the different ways the Ebenezer creates a safe space for its students,” said ACO student Hughlyn, who joined the tour.

ACO thanks Ebenezer for opening its doors to us and opening our eyes to the world of the visually impaired!  

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