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We were very honored to invite past ACO students and mentors to help with the personal statement workshop for our ACO students. A good personal statement has to have a good structure, proper use of language and relate passion to experience.

Final Evaluation and Editing of Personal Statement
Sep 06, 2014

Barclay’s intern helped community outreach by having a pizza making day with our past and present ACO students followed by a mentoring session. It was a very fun and delicious day.

Pizza Making with Barclays Interns
Aug 14, 2014

Today is the last day of job shadowing! We hope you have all benefited from the hands-on experience from your assigned workplaces! Enjoy your summer.

Last Day of Job Shadowing

Aug 8, 2014

First Day of Job Shadowing

Jul 28, 2014

Students are off to different companies for their first day of job shadowing today, including A&O, ARCH Education, Barclays, Bloomberg Business Week, Deloitte, Des Voeux Chambers, New World Development, Mannings, Sanatorium Hospital, Queen Mary and The Nesbitt Center! We hope the trainings will come in handy, and do your best to leave a good impression.

Goldman Sachs hosted an eventful and fun day for our students at their office today. The trade simulation, networking, and stock presentation were all competitive yet fun and enjoyable. The resume & interview coaching, mock interview sessions were very enlightening and useful to their future.

Goldman Sachs CTW Day
Jul 25, 2014

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital offered an invaluable experience for the ACO students to visit different departments of the hospital such as ophthalmology, radiotherapy, pharmacy, dietitian, pathology, ward and so on. The students understood the responsibilities of each department and how a hospital operates in a whole. It is definitely an eye-opening experience for our students to explore!

Half Day visit to Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital
Jul 24, 2014

Students have spent the morning visiting Deloitte's office to understand more about the industry and career path of accounting. Thank you Mr. Philip Tsai, Partner of Deloitte, Ms. Shanice Tsui, Director of HKICPA, and Deloitte Club members for their sincere sharing! Students have a very different perspective towards accounting after the visit and may consider accounting as one of their future possible career aspiration!

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Day
Jul 24, 2014

Allen & Overy arranged a very fruitful morning to our students including sharing on life as a lawyer, secondment experience, panel discussion and tour around office! The causal environment has encouraged the students to ask more questions and speak up. Many were inspired during the sharing session and understood more about the career path of law and what lawyers do by different speaker's including professor Lusina Ho (HKU), Janice Leung (Goldman Sachs legal) and many more.

Allen & Overy
Jul 23, 2014

BEA has organized an eventful workshop which started with a corporate video inside the theatre, followed by an office tour and introduction on retail banking products on the morning. Later the day, there were training on professional presence and had a taste of being a teller for the day.

Bank of East Asia Day
Jul 22, 2014

Our first day of Corporate Workshop Week kick started at Barclays! Thank you Barclays for organizing workshops on personal and career development! Speakers went through different topics including professional presence, art of networking, mentoring circle, and shared about the career path in Investment Banking. Students also had a chance to make use of what they have learnt and network with professionals at the end!

Barclays Day
Jul 21, 2014
Students being challenged with mock interviews at our third training session today
Jul 19, 2014

It has been a long and challenging day for the 19 students taught by Matthew Mingey, Head of Debate programs and instructor at ARCH Education. Students were being exposed to quirky interview questions to develop their critical thinking skills and how to tackle such problems. They also had an opportunity to practice group interview and presentation using the critical thinking skills they have just learnt and most importantly, they all received feedbacks for improvement. We hope our advices are helpful for their coming university and careers interviews!


Introductory meeting of mentors & mentees

Jul 12, 2014

ACO students, staff, alumni, mentors and board of directors were all invited to join our "Meet the Mentors" event for a relaxing, fun and enjoyable evening. The mentors and mentees were finally able to meet for their first time and everyone is excited about it. We hope the students have learnt how to communicate comfortably with industry professionals in the coming careers exposure. Many thanks to The Drawing Room Concept for sponsoring the food and Asia Society for the event space.

Asia Society Tour, sharing on career planning and scholarship opportunities by prestigious guest speakers!
Jul 12, 2014

ACO students have returned for their second Training Day before their real work exposure in the summer! The weather was fabulous to start off with the Asia Society Tour, being able to have a closer look at the thoughtful conservation and adaptive reuse of former British military structures. It was then followed by speakers sharing session, with Ms. Jessica Young, Deputy Chairman of The Friends of Cambridge University in HK, sharing with us on Cambridge Scholarship. Mr. Michael Leung, ACO’s Board of Advisor and currently Vice Chairman of St. James Settlement, shared with us on successful career planning. We are sure the students will remember to always have a goal in their mind!

ACO Training Day 1 is our first organized event this year for ACO participating students to attend. We warmly welcome and thank you each of them for joining and attending our Careers Program and our 1st Training Day Workshop on writing a professional CV, work etiquette and personal statement! We believe they have all enjoyed and learned a lot from the training day workshop. Thank you to our alumni, Rosemarie for presenting the personal statement workshop and Barclays for sponsoring the location.

ACO Training Day 1

May 31, 2014

Super Day Interview

Mar 1, 2014

We have invited more than 40 students out of a competitive batch of applicants to attend our "Super Day" interview. All the students performed really well in both individual and group interview, we hope you all enjoyed the experience. Successful applicants will be notified in a month’s time!

Deadline for Careers Program 2014
Feb 12, 2014

Today is the deadline for applying to ACO’s Careers Program 2014 - the ONLY summer programme for secondary school students providing careers exposure to bridge the gap between academic and future career success. Selected candidate will be asked to attend an interview in March.

We went to 8 participating schools during November 2013 to January 2014 to give University Preparation Skills Workshops about interview skills and recruitment for our highlight careers program 2014. Participating schools:

  • Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School

  • Ho Fung College

  • SKH Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School

  • SKH Chan Young Secondary School

  • SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School

  • SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

  • St. Paul's School (Lam Tin)

  • Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School


University Preparaion Workshop and Recruitment Talk
Jan 15, 2014
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